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Sail fabrics
The use of phase contrast microradiography at Elettra allows the study, at the nanometre level, of the structures of sails for racing yachts, that are virtually invisible under examination by traditional radiographic techniques.


Polymer foams
At Elettra it was possible to examine the microstructure of polymer foams used in the motor car industry, when subjected to various deformation processes, and to correlate material's structure, its deformation resistance and its insulation properties.


Food properties and taste appeal
The different consistencies of the many varieties of bread are determined less by ingredients than by internal structure properties. At Elettra it was possible to draw relationships between these properties and bread organolettic properties.


Intracanicular dental implants
Microtomography with synchrotron light has long shown itself to be the best of the various techniques available for obtaining a three dimensional reconstruction of bony areas around dental implants. 

<p>Study for an anatomic couch for mammography examination on the SYRMEP beamline</p>

Medical radiology with synchrotron light
A technique for image acquisition with synchrotron light, which allows X-rays of appropriate energy to be selected for the specimen under examination, has been developed at Elettra.

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