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 Chemistry and Catalysis
 Conservation of the Cultural heritage
 cultural heritage
 Energy and the environment
 High-Tech Materials
 material science
 Medicine and Diagnostics
 Micro and nanotechnologies
 Optics, Electronics and ICT
 surface science
 x ray diffraction

<p>Fresnel microlenses for X-rays manufactured using lithographic techniques.</p>

Lithography of micro and nanostructures
X-ray lithography is commonly used to build structures with a resolution of the order of 100 nanometres. The greater penetrating power of X-rays compared to ultraviolet makes this technology particularly suited to the fabrication of complex three dimensional structures in innovative materials. 

X-ray Mirrors

X-ray Mirrors
Elettra has skills in optics, IT and precision mechanics that have enabled it to combine two different correction methods to create mirrors of a higher quality than those produced in other research laboratories or available commercially.

<p>Prototype microneedles for the controlled release of pharmaceutical drugs manufactured using lithographic techniques.</p>

Fabrication of micro and nanodevices
Combining penetrative power of deep X-ray lithography with complementary methods of fabrication such as LIGA, it becomes possible to make lithographic incisions that can be several millimetres thick and yet exhibit detail at a submicrometric scale. 

Soft X ray Laboratory

Measurement of optical surfaces
At Elettra, innovative measuring techniques have been developed in the characterisation of finish of high precision optical surfaces.


Information & Communication Technology
The staff of Sincrotrone Trieste contains experts in fields ranging from highly trusted security systems to instrument control systems, from data acquisition systems to high performance storage systems, from networking to web technology and collaborative work support systems, from advanced computing systems to systems for scientific display and virtual reality.