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New lubricants
A variety of steel specimens has been studied at microscopic level, while subjected to mechanical forces in the presence of lubricants of various formulations, in order to understand the basic processes involved in friction.

Schematic representation of the hydrogenisation process of crotonaldehyde on the surface of a copper crystal

Catalysis in real time
The study of the dynamics of catalytic reactions has been carried out at Elettra, in an effort to understand the processes involved, optimise them and develop more efficient catalysts.


Polymer foams
At Elettra it was possible to examine the microstructure of polymer foams used in the motor car industry, when subjected to various deformation processes, and to correlate material's structure, its deformation resistance and its insulation properties.

Density map indicating the presence of gelatine in the same sample

Biopolymers for the food industry
With infrared microspectroscopy at Elettra it is possible to investigate and characterize polymer matrices and films structure, widely used in the food industry because they are biocompatible and biodegradable and ensure product consistency and a pleasing sensation on the palate.

Distribution of 3-nitroproprionic acid over a section of the immobilisation matrix

Biocatalysis for industry
In order to promote the economic exploitation of biomass and agroindustrial by-products, such as sugars, cellulose, starch and oils, new biocatalytic processes involving enzymatic catalysts are under study with the contribution of Elettra Laboratory.

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