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e-Science, information technology and control systems

Modern science needs to use the most innovative and advanced information technologies. The data produced by detectors and testing stations must be collected, recorded, processed, shared and displayed.


Elettra's contribution
The staff of Sincrotrone Trieste contains experts in Information and Communication Technology, including electronic engineers, information technology engineers, systems engineers and software developers. This work group possesses expertise in fields ranging from highly trusted security systems to instrument control systems, from data acquisition systems to high performance storage systems, from networking to web technology and collaborative work support systems, from advanced computing systems to systems for scientific display and virtual reality.
In recent years the Elettra Virtual Collaboratory has been developed for scientists using Elettra's testing stations. It allows an international team of researchers to collaborate and perform experiments remotely, linking their instruments and sensors to the national and European infrastructure in order to carry out advanced computations.
The IT team's participation in various European research projects (GRIDCC, EUROTeV, DORII) has led to the development of an e-Science platform based on Grid technologies that allows sensors and data sources to be integrated with computing and storage resources by collaborating remotely through a Virtual Control Room.
IT tools developed at Elettra can also be used in other contexts and for the development of applications of interest to industry, such as environmental monitoring, the remote control and supervision of geographically distributed systems, and for applications of advanced instrumentation in general.


Facility: Access to the international Grid system; Video Conference and Virtual Collaboratory rooms.