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Drugs to counter ischemic ictus

The most common drug therapy currently prescribed for patients affected by ischemic ictus employs thrombolytic agents that dissolve clots in blocked blood vessels. This treatment, which causes an immediate restoration of normal blood flow, is designed to stem the development of irreparable damage to areas of the brain where tissue remains unaffected.


Elettra's contribution
X-ray diffraction was employed at Elettra to study the crystallographic structure of an innovative drug, produced by an important pharmaceutical company, that dissolves blood clots. Analysis conducted in partnership with this company led to the definition of the structure and functionality of the molecule under examination.
The drug in question is undergoing clinical trials and showing promising results. It has several advantages over the corresponding thrombolytic drug, ranging from its greater efficacy over an extended period, to easier control of dosage based on the patient's weight.


Facility: Hard X Ray Beamline
The 2.3 Å crystal structure of the catalytic domain of recombinant two-chain human tissue-type plasminogen activator; D. Lamba, M. Bauer, R. Huber, S. Fischer, R. Rudolph, U. Kohnert, W. Bode; Journal of Molecular Biology; 258, p. 117; 1996.