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Design and Study of RF and Microwave structures

Accelerator Building Blocks

<p>RF Devices</p>

RF Devices

The use of simulation codes has proved to be of fundamental importance for the design and study of RF and microwave components. These computational tools allow the design of complex RF structures on the computer minimizing cut-and-try optimization methods as well as expensive model building for cold measurements.
The Radiofrequency Group of Sincrotrone Trieste uses 2D and 3 D simulation codes that allow frequency domain and time domain calculations in the RF and microwave range.
Expertise in mastering such tools has been acquired during the design of RF systems components and other equipment for Elettra and other facilities.


  • Resonant structures like RF cavities;
  • Modelling of couplers and pick-ups;
  • Study of tapers and beam position monitors;
  • Modelling of waveguides and RF Power Transitions.
  • Thermal behaviour investigations
  • RF / microwave structures for industrial applications like microwave oven


The Radiofrequency Laboratory of Sincrotrone Trieste is equipped with high precision instrumentation (up to 20 GHz) for the measurement and test of RF and microwave components.