Industrial Liaison Office

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Virtual Unified Office - VUO

Accelerator Building Blocks

How does it work?

The most advanced experimental facilities with thousands of scientific as well as industrial users face specific users management challenges.
The Virtual Uni ed Office (VUO) manages the whole lifecycle of an experiment: from the first researcher's contact to the publication of the experiment results. It is based on the Oracle database and is coded mainly in pl/sql and runs on Linux with Apache and the open source Apache module mod-owa.
The same portal is also used for managing the users' reimbursement therefore it is integrated with the company's ERP.



  • Users registration
  • Proposal submission
  • Proposal validation
  • Technical feasibility validation
  • Scientific evaluation
  • Beamtime Scheduling
  • Travelling assistance and reimbursement
  • Personal safety training with evaluation questionnaires
  • Users access to the facility
  • Experiment management
  • Experiment reporting
  • Experiment data storage and access
  • Remote operations
  • Publication registration