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 XPi Picoammeter


<p>XPi Picoammeter</p>

XPi Picoammeter

Fast, 4-channel, simultaneous sampling, 20-bit resolution, low noise, charge integration picoammeter.

The picoammeter is a module of the XPi Data Acquisition System.

This module performs a triggerable charge measurement ranging from 50 pC (with a resolution of 50 aC) up to 1.8 nC (with a resolution of 1.8 fC). With a software programmable integration-time starting from 500 μs up to 1 s, a current measurement ranging from 50 pA (resolution of 50 aA) up to 3.6 μA (resolution of 3.6 pA) is achievable.
Each input channel has two integrator stages so that the current-tovoltage conversion can be continuously performed during the ADC conversion, avoiding any dead time in the data output.


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