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 AH401B Picoammeter


<p>AH401 Picoammeter</p>

AH401 Picoammeter

The compact user-friendly AH401B Picoammeter covers the whole acquisition, counting and digitization chain. To a great extent this simplifies and streamlines the read out at high speed and with extremely low noise X-ray detectors.

It is composed by a particular charge-integration input stage for low-current sensing combined with a 20-bit sigma-delta ADC converter integrating a noise reduction digital filter.

The acquisition of samples from the AH401B may be performed using either the "continuous" or "on demand" transmission modes:

- "continuous" mode: data are continuously sampled and transmitted, without external intervention, to the host device, allowing for real time data acquisition;

- "on demand" mode: data are sampled and transmitted only on a specific remote command request.
On the AH401B a

The external TRIGGER/GATE input signal is available to synchronize the acquisition of the picoammeter with external events (i.e. laser triggering). Furthermore, digital samples may be transferred using either the ASCII format or RAW binary data format for fast data transmission.



  • Ultra-low current measurements
  • Beam position monitoring
  • Diamond detectors readout
  • Ion chamber readout
  •  Laser diagnostics