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 HV Flex


How does it work

The HV Flex high voltage floating power supply is composed of a particular HV DC/DC converter output stage combined with a dedicated low pass output filter, which is especially designed to guarantee very high stability and an extremely low output noise.
A high-speed fibre-optic interface combined with a high- voltage isolated DC/DC converter allows for biasing the HV output stage up to 6 kV with respect to earth ground. It allows for connecting several HV modules together in order to make complex HV power distribution systems.
Software control and voltage monitoring of the HV power supply can be performed remotely, directly via the Ethernet interface, using either TCP/IP or UDP transmission protocols. At the same time, through control knob and the installed on-board display, manual operation of the power supply is also possible.


  • Electrostatic lenses 
  • Electrostatic lenses 
  • Electron analysers 
  • Electron analysers


High Voltage Low Noise High Stability Floating Power Supply