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 A2720 Bipolar Power Supply


<p>A2720 Bipolar Power Supply</p>

A2720 Bipolar Power Supply

This highly stable and reliable power supply system can house up to four independent bipolar modules in a standard 19-inch 3U crate delivering up to 4000 W of output power per crate. The four modules all share a redundant common DC link and are not isolated one from another.
Digital regulation is implemented using a digital PI controller, which renders the system very versatile and easily tuneable to any type of load.

The Ethernet connection allows for the system to be controlled remotely. Software tools for parameter settings and tuning are available on request.
No forced air cooling is required.
External connections:

  • Inputs: External interlock (i.e. Magnet Fault, Magnet Water Alarm)
  • Outputs: Power Supply enabled

The module checks for internal interlocks: cross conduction, overtemperature, crow bar, overcurrent, DCCT fault, earth leakage.



  • Particle accelerator facilities: ideal for powering magnets and inductive loads
  • Medical equipment
  • Systems with high resolution current or voltage source requirements



  • Power supply unit: up to 4 independent current modules housed in a standard 19-inch 3U crate
  • DC-link AC/DC converters (4000+2000 W redundant)
  • Software and drivers are available for different operating systems
  • EPICS and TANGO drivers (to be implemented)