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 A2630BS Bipolar Power Supply


<p>A26x0BS Bipolar Power Supply Scheme</p>

A26x0BS Bipolar Power Supply Scheme

The highly stable and reliable power supply system can house up to four independent bipolar modules in a standard 19-inch 3U crate. This true-bipolar system has a modular architecture and comprises a bulk AC/DC converter (A2607), an auxiliary power supply (A2606) and the DC/DC modules (A2630BS).


The A2606 auxiliary power module provides auxiliary voltage to the DC/DC converter boards installed in the crates in order to supply the control electronics while the A2607 bulk unit feeds the power part for energy conversion.


The system comprises up to four EuroCard standard boards.


The A2630BS modules are controlled by Digital Signal Processors and the FPGA board supervises all processes including the remote control of the power supply via an ethernet connection (TCP-IP or UDP). Each power supply is equipped with a graphic colour display OLED for troubleshooting and an Ethernet 100-100 auto-sensing socket for communication.


Cooling is performed by forced air convection. The fan unit is placed directly under the system rack.



  • Particle accelerator facilities
  • Medical equipment (resonance imaging)
  • Systems with high resolution current or voltage source requirements



Developed for the FERMI@Elettra Project.