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Elettra Type RF Cavities

Accelerator Building Blocks

<p>RF Cavity</p>

RF Cavity

Radiofrequency (RF) cavities provide the accelerating voltage and power to accelerate and restore the energy lost by the beam owing to the radiation in the storage ring, establishing a 500 MHz electromagnetic field synchronous with the electron beam passage

The radiofrequency power is fed into the cavity via the coaxial type input power coupler, designed to operate in a UHV environment. The coupling coefficient can be adjusted simply by means of a swivel flange.

A set of pick-ups is provided to monitor the RF fields inside the cavity for low level control electronics and measurement purposes.

The cavity and coupler are water cooled. Besides extracting the RF power dissipated in the cavity, this also allows for tight regulation of the external surface temperature and within a wide range. A typical cavity temperature stability of ± 0.05 °C within a temperature range from 35 to 80 °C can be achieved by means of a dedicated cooling rack.

The cavity volume is then fixed by this precise temperature control and stability, leading to the capability to set the proper HOM frequency spectrum together with a movable plunger (HOMFS).






500 MHz Elettra Type Cavities typical specifications
Resonating Frequency 500 MHz
Shunt Impedance > 3.3 MΩ
Quality Factor > 39 000
Peak accelerating voltage 650 kV
Power wasted in the cavity < 65 kW
Maximum Power through the coupler 120 kW



  • Elettra Type RF Cavity
  • Optional: dedicated cooling rack for the cavity can be provided
  • Optional: Low Level RF electronic (frequency, amplitude and phase loops)