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XBPM - DR2 X-ray Beam Position Monitor


<p>XBPM-DR1 X-ray Beam Position Monitor</p>

XBPM-DR1 X-ray Beam Position Monitor

XBPM-DR2 can measure an X-ray beam position to an extreme degree of accuracy and low noise in both vertical and horizontal directions with a sampling rate as high as 1 kHz. The precision of the position encoding is below 5 µm at a sampling rate of 1 kHz with a moderate flux of 108 photons/sec at 9 KeV. This proves that the XBPM-DR2 can easily achieve micron- and submicron-level resolution with typical fluxes available at 3rd generation X-ray sources.

The analogue readout is directly connected to the digital part through a sealed feedthrough. The readout electronics performs state-of-the-art 20-bit current measurements with integration times ranging from 1 ms to 1 s.

An embedded microcontroller handles communication to the outer world via an ETHERNET link. The input noise of the digital readout has been characterized to be 10 ppm srms at the highest gain for a typical input capacity of 200 pF of a quarter segment anode.
As an alternative to the ETHERNET High-Speed link, a standard serial communication port for longer distance data transmission is also available.



The XBPM-DR2 is designed for high flux synchrotron radiation experiments, using low or medium high X-ray energies [from 5 KeV to 40 KeV]:

  • X-ray diffraction (protein, powder, small molecules, etc.)
  • Fluorescence
  • X-ray imaging experiments, etc.

It is perfectly suitable for all kinds of experiments that require precise and simultaneous I0 calibrations in the order of a % down to a ppm for quantitative measurements.