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Elettra BPM Front End


How does it work

Beam current dependency, thermal drifts of electronics and variations of the cables frequency response (due to changes in temperature or humidity) exert a strong influence on the accuracy of the BPM system. They trigger inter-channel gain differences, which introduce uncontrolled fluctuations in the position calculated. The Elettra BPM Front End compensates for all these factors simultaneously. A low phase-noise pilot tone is added to the signal emanating from the beam, which means that every change in the signal path affects both signals in the same manner. The paired signals obtained as a result allow for the original pick-up signals to be reconstructed by using the pilot tone as the common reference for all the channels.


  • Storage ring BPM
  • Single pass machines BPM
  • Upgrade of the existing BPM systems
  • Suited for bunch-by-bunch measurements