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XPi Data Acquisition System


<p>XPi Data Acquisition System</p>

XPi Data Acquisition System

The XPi data acquisition system, conceived for the FERMI@Elettra project, is a new
modular controller particularly suited for beam diagnostic devices like ion-chambers and beam position monitors. It is a system that can be equipped with ad-hoc modules according to the device controlled.
Currently available modules are a fast 4-channel, low noise charge integration picoammeter and an ultra low noise high-voltage module.
The controller has several external input/output optical TRIGGER and CONVERSION signals useful for data acquisition synchronization with external events like Lasers or FEL pulses. The system is also equipped with an output switch contact for interlock systems.
The XPi Controller includes an LCD display for direct data readings and a manual control to configure the main device parameters. Moreover, the system can be remotely controlled through the installed standard 10/100 Ethernet interface. Instrument communication TCP/IP or UDP protocols can be selected (TANGO device driver and LabVIEW VIs are available on request).
The whole system is housed in a compact 1U 19" standard rack and is directly powered from the 110/220V main supply.


  • Fast Feedback applications
  • 4-quadrant beam position monitor
  • Ion Chamber flux monitoring
  • Photodiode acquisition
  • Precision process control
  • Multichannel charge/current acquisition
  • Direct current measurement
  • Detector polarizatio


This product has been developed in the context of the FERMI@Elettra Project