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KAOS Refocusing Mirror System

Accelerator Building Blocks

<p>KAOS Refocusing Mirror System</p>

KAOS Refocusing Mirror System

KAOS is the only active optics refocusing system in the world that is operative in an EUV/Soft x-ray free electron laser user facility. The specificity and uniqueness of the system lies in the fact that it operates at quite "large" incidence angles (2º) with 400mm-long mirrors, thus requiring deformations to the optical substrate to the order of 200μm in the central part of the mirror itself (sagitta).


KAOS is a composite refocusing system composed of

  • a vertical deflecting mirror (optional)
  • two mechanically bendable mirrors in a KB arrangement
  • the vacuum vessels with their support frames (customisable)
  • all the mechanics (internal and external) required to operate the mirrors (including bending)

  • Turn-key KAOS Refocusing Mirror System customised to your specific needs
  • Optical characterisation of the system carried out in the dedicated Elettra metrology lab
  • Installation of the KAOS System into your FEL photon beam transport system (including vacuum-related issues)
  • Hands-on commissioning and optimisation of the KAOS system
  • Full training on the KAOS System based on the unique experience gathered during the system's operation at FERMI(over 3 years of experience, and more than 30 distinct user experiments)