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Design and Study of 3D Magnetic Structures

Accelerator Building Blocks

Electromagnets and more generally magnetic structures have been used to guide and manipulate charged particle beams in accelerators.
Using software packages to study and simulate 3D magnetic structures, at the design stage, has become a mandatory task when stringent parameters of the beam optics must be achieved as well as expensive model building for test and measurements.
Nowadays, these software tools allow 3D design of accelerator electromagnets with a high degree of accuracy. The result is a very high level of confidence in prediction.
Sincrotrone Trieste uses 3D modelling software to design and optimize electromagnets to be used in accelerators lattices; this package is extremely useful in optimizing the poles profile and has been extensively used for the design and optimization of all magnets installed in the new FERMI@Elettra facility.
These tools have also been used to design magnetic structures for other industrial applications.
Sincrotrone Trieste is equipped with high precision instrumentation for the measurement and test of designed magnetic components.


This product has been developed in the context of the FERMI@Elettra Project